Flash uboot

To write an image that boots from an SD card (assumed to be /dev/sdb)


tools/mkimage -n rk3288 -T rksd -d spl/u-boot-spl-dtb.bin out
cat u-boot-dtb.bin >> out
sudo dd if=out of=/dev/sdb seek=64 conv=notrunc

Format sdcard

Enter into the uboot and issue the following command on uboot:
(otg should be connected, maskrom should be pressed)

gpt write mmc 1 $partitions
ums 0 mmc 1

Now the board will act as an USB-drive.
In host:
sudo mkfs.fat /dev/sdb6

Flash kernel and rootfs

Copy zimage and dts file to dev/sdb6

cp arch/arm/boot/zImage /media/chen/9F35-9565/
cp arch/arm/boot/dts/rk3288-fennec.dtb /media/chen/9F35-9565/rk3288-fennec.dtb

Add extlinux/extlinux.conf to dev/sdb6
(Please notice "mmcblk2p7" and "115200n8" is decide on your chip, Please refer to config table)

label kernel-4.4
    kernel /zImage
    fdt /rk3288-fennec.dtb
    append  earlyprintk console=tty1 console=ttyS2,115200n8 rw root=/dev/mmcblk0p7 rootfstype=ext4 init=/sbin/init

Flash rootfs
sudo dd if=linaro-rootfs.img of=/dev/sdb7  conv=notrunc


Now, press maskrom and your board will boot from sd-card.