(DEPRICATED, please use yocto for serious development.)

Rockchip now offers the support for Debian, a various of packages now adding support to build as Debian package. The rootfs is based on Linaro Releases. Add the support of low level graphics and video acceleration. It include libmali, xserver, rockchip-va-driver, libvdpau-rockchip etc.
Please refer rockchip-linux for more help.

Build Rootfs

If you want to get the latest rootfs, you can use rootfs-build-script to build.

Download Rootfs Image

Baidu PanGoogle Drive

Notes: Download the latest linaro-*-*-*-*-*.tar.

Develop in this rootfs

The support for debian from RockChip would work with Cross Build at Debian. Please read the Debian Cross Compile for more information.