This guide describes how to get started on RK3036 Kylin Board with brillo.


You need have the brillo to develop on RK3036 Kylin board.

  • Brillo OS

Brillo has four components that work together: the OS, core services, developer kit, and the developer console. Kylin board is available from a number of chip vendors so that you can get started quickly, and wide industry support enables extensive hardware customization.

For more information about the Brillo, see the briilo-develop.

  • an x86_64 64-bit system for performing the build
  • 4 GB of RAM

While it may be technically possible to build with less, but swapping to disk will make the build prohibitively slow.

About Kylin

Kylin board is a reference design of RK3036 SoC targeted at IOT/OTT solutions, including almost all functions of RK3036 chip such as HDMI, USB(OTG & Host), Ethernet, GPIO, codec, WIFI, Bluetooth, SD card.

You can refer the Kylin-hardware to get more information.