RV1108 is a high performance low power application processor. It is embedded with a new generation DSP for digital process and an ARM Cortex-A7 single core processor for system and application. Especially, it is a high-integration and cost efficient SoC which can support H.264 video encoder/decoder up to 1440p, up to 4 camera inputs simultaneously, merge different camera sources together and display on one screen. It is designed for varies application scenario such as car DVR, sports DV, secure camera and UAV camera.
RV1108 support lots of camera interface such as MIPI-CSI, CVBS in and 12-bit parallel raw and it also support lots of display interface such as MIPI-DSI, HDMI 1.4, CVBS out and serial/parallel RGB.
RV1108B package with 16bit DDR3 chip to meet a high-performance up to 1600M and make cost lower.


RV1108 have very good Linux support including U-Boot, kernel, graphics, video decoder and encoder.

RV1108 SoC Feature

  • CPU
    • Single-core ARM Cortex-A7 Core processor, a high-performance, low-power and cached application processor
    • Full implementation of the ARM architecture v7-A instruction set, ARM Neon Advanced SIMD (single instruction, multiple data) support for accelerated media and signal processing computation
    • Separately integrated NEON and FPU
    • 32KB/32KB L1 I-Cache/D-Cache
    • Unified 128KB L2 Cache
    • Trustzone technology support
  • Video/Image DSP
    • 32KB I-TCM and 32KB I-cache
    • 128KB D-TCM
    • Max operation frequency up to 600MHz
  • Memory
    • 12KB internal SRAM
    • Dynamic Memory Interface (DDR3/DDR3L): Compatible with JEDEC standard DDR3-1600/DDR3L-1600 SDRAM. Supports 16 Bits data width, 1 ranks (chip selects), totally 512MB (max) address space
    • Nand Flash Interface: Support 8bits async nandflash. 16bits hardware ECC
    • eMMC Interface: Compatible with standard iNAND interface. Support MMC4.51 protocol.
    • SD/MMC Interface: Compatible with SD3.0, MMC ver4.41
  • System Component
    • Timer: 2 on-chip 64bits Timers in SOC with interrupt-based operation
    • PWM: 8 on-chip PWMs with interrupt-based operation
    • WatchDog: 32 bits watchdog counter width
  • Video
    • Real-time video decoder of H.264: 8bit up to HP level 5.0 : 1440p@30fps (2560x1440)
    • Support video encoder for H.264 UP to 2.4level|PH#2.4level|PH
  • JPEG Codec
    • Decoder size is from 48x48 to 8176x8176(66.8Mpixels). Maximum data rate is up to 76million pixels per second
    • Encoder image size up to 8192x8192(64million pixels) from 96x32. Maximum data rate up to 90million pixels per second
  • Display
    • TV Interface: TV encoder 10bit out for DAC
    • HDMI Interface : Support RGB888 1080p @ 60fps. HDMI 1.4
    • MIPI DSI interface: Support RGB888 720p @ 60fps. Support 4 lanes. Support command mode. Compliance MIPI Alliance Standard for Display Pixel Interface (DPI-2)
    • Max output resolution 1080p for HDMI,720p for MIPI, 480i/576i for CVBS
  • Camera interface
    • Support up to 5M pixels
    • 8bits BT656(PAL/NTSC) interface
    • 16bits BT601 DDR interface
    • 8bits/10bits/12bits raw data interface
  • Audio
    • I2S0 with 8ch: I2S0/I2S1 supports up to 8 channels (8xTX, 8xRX). Audio resolution from 16bits to 32bits. Sample rate up to 192KHz
    • I2S1/I2S2(PCM) with 2ch: Up to 2 channels (2xTX, 2xRX). Audio resolution from 16bits to 32bits. Sample rate up to 192KHz
  • Audio Codec
    • 24bit DAC
    • Support Line-out
    • Support Mono, Stereo, 5.1 HiFi channel performance
    • Integrated digital interpolation and decimation filter
    • Sampling rate of 8kHz/12kHz/16kHz/24kHz/32kHz/44.1KHz/48KHz/96KHz
    • Optional fractional PLL available that support 6MHz to 20MHz clock input to any clock
    • Support PCM/I2S Mode
    • Support MIC single-ended/double-ended difference input
  • Connectivity
    • SDIO interface: Compatible with SDIO 3.0 protocol
    • GMAC 10/100M Ethernet Controller: Supports 10/100-Mbps data transfer rates with the RMII interfaces
    • SPI Controller: 1 on-chip SPI controller inside
    • SFC: 1 on-chip SFC
    • Uart Controller: 3 on-chip uart controller inside
    • I2C controller: 4 on-chip I2C controller inside
    • USB Host2.0: Embedded 3 USB Host 2.0 interfaces
    • USB OTG2.0: Compatible with USB OTG2.0 specification. Supports high-speed(480Mbps), full-speed(12Mbps) and low-speed (1.5Mbps) mode
  • Other
    • Temperature Sensor(TS-ADC): 10-bits ADC up to 50KS/s sampling rate. -40~125C temperature range and 5C temperature resolution
    • SAR-ADC(Successive Approximation Register): 10-bit resolution. Up to 1MS/s sampling rate. 6 single-ended input channels. Current consumption: 0.5mA @ 1MS/s
    • eFuse: Two high-density electrical Fuse is integrated: two 256bits (32x8)