This document outline the current status and the plan of Rockchip Linux support. intent to let people know where we are, what we are working on and the feature plan.

Where we are

  • Chip Support: RK3036, RK3288
  • Kernel: 4.4
  • Graphics: support 2D, 3D hardware acceleration. OpenCL
  • Video: support H264 Hardware Codec. Interated in rootfs with gstreamer, ffmpeg. H264 decoder using VDPAU. H264 encoder using VAAPI.
  • Drivers: most driver upstreamed.

What we are working on

  • move H264 decoder to VAAPI
  • support RK3399
  • support MIPI-CSI/ISP
  • support Jpeg encoder

Road map

Please refer to road map.